Web Hosting and Email Management

Parkway uses a range of dedicated hosting environments located at the top fastest and reliable Internet centers in the UK of the last 5 years. Laysys hosting service range from shared area space to dedicated servers.

Email accounts are provided with all services. This range from POP3 mail boxes to SMPT feed and MX record backup facilities.


Parkway will manage your IT services giving you the opportunity to focus 100% in your core business requirements. Parkway will address the following areas:

  • LAN, WAN and Internet access management and monitoring.
  • Provision of qualified for remote and onsite work.
  • Other vendor management to deliver integrated solution.
  • Supply hardware and software.
  • Carry out system audit.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery:

Parkway will work with you to ensure that your business can recover from disaster. Parkway has key partnership with companies that address temporary offices premises for disaster recovery.

Parkway provides protection for data in two ways:

  • Online Remote Backup Facility:
    Your backup servers are are maintained in a secure data center with 24/7 access security, resilient power supplies and multiple network connections offering redundancy. You are provided with a private storage area that you can use as you as need requires up to the pre-agreed limit.
  • Off Site Backup Facility :
    Backup copies of the your backup servers are done on a regular basis. The backup media is store off-site with a third party tape storage company.
IT Consultancy Services:

Parkway will provide you with adequate information to make informed decision regarding your IT strategy. Parkway will assist in developing your IT strategy, project management and implementation, process documentation and perform network and LAN audits.

Network and LAN Installation and Configuration.

Parkway will design and implement your LAN, WAN and Internet access solution. Our solutions include: Installing routers and switches, firewalls, Internet access routers using leased lines and broadband and Anti-virus defenses.

Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, Monitoring and Reporting

Parkway offers a comprehensive suit of packages for maintaining your network equipment. These range from 24 hour to 5 day break/fixes. Parkway carries out proactive management of your network and inform you of potential problems before they happen. Parkway also monitor and report on user activities on your network and on the Internet.

Network Infrastructure

Parkway specialise in the provision of leased lines, router installations and configuration, firewalls, broadband and connection backup services.


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