Custom Software

Do not think that having software specially written is something that only the largest of companies can do. We have provided tailored solutions to varied problems for companies of all sizes. We can often suggest areas where considerable improvements in efficiency could be achieved. A client may not be aware that a particular activity that could be handled by special software. Our largely graduate staff have carried out specialised technical applications as well as those of a business nature.

Some of the projects we have handled in the last few years are

  • A system to record the time spent by salesman with their clients.
  • Detailed Order analysis.
  • Order Processing for a film converter.
  • Optical bench control software.
  • Application Customisation.
  • Custom purchase/sales processing for a buying group
  • Barcode labelling and scanning for a logisitics group

Many standard packages have the capacity to be customised to suit special requirements. Macros and templates can be versatile methods of automating routine tasks and can also help ensure that your company reports and letters present a consistent company image. All too often companies lack the knowledge to put these features to good use.

We can help in two ways. We can carry out the customisation for you or we can offer training to enable you do it yourself.

We are committed to providing a system that satisfies your requirements and is capable of being maintained or upgraded in the future. We analyse your needs carefully and only when a specification has been agreed do we start the design. We make sure that we work closely with you from the initial discussions through to implementation and delivery.

Whether you are replacing a paper system or existing software we will support you through the entire process from initial discussions to installation, commissioning and acceptance.

Our experience enables us to make sure that all relevant issues are addressed. Wherever possible we will try to arrange for existing data to be used. We know that the software may be a key part of your operation and its implementation must be co-ordinated with your routine activities. We may need to design it to work with your existing hardware or, if this is not appropriate, we will advise you on suitable modifications. We will train your staff to use the new system and offer support during the vital transition stage.

Tailor-made software need not be expensive and the benefits from a system that is designed exactly to your requirements is immeasurable.

For an example of our tailor-made software, please see the Parkway Business Management System.



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